Lingaraj Temple Timings (Pooja , Aarti, Mahadeep) Bhubaneswar

Lingaraj temple Pooja and Mahadeep timings - Bhubaneswar

Not Open For Public
2am - 2.30 amMangal aarti
3:00 AMBallav Bhoga
5:30am - 6am Pahil Bhoga
For Visitors
6:00 AMTemple Door Opens
6am - 8am Devotees are allowed for the Darshan. They can touch the deity in this time
8am - 10amRudra Abhishekam
10 - 11 amAnna Bhoga - a Vegetarian Complete meals , made out of 56 items , including vegetables, sweets, milk, curd. Sometimes called Chappan Bhog (56)
The temple is closed at about 12 noon until about 3.30 p.m
Not Open For Public
12 noonPouring of Panchamrita (a mixture of milk, curdled milk, clarified butter, honey and ghee) upon the deity for purification
1:00 PMripe plantain is divided into two, one half is offered to Sun god and the other half to Dwarapala (the guarding deities in the doorway)
1:30 PMFood offering called Ballabha Bhoga (breakfast containing curdled milk, curd and vegetables) is offered to the deity. The consecrated food is carried to the temple of Parvati and placed before her as an offering
2:00 PMthe Sakala Dhupa (morning's offering of food) takes place.After the food is offered to Lingaraja, the offerings are carried to the temple of Parvati to serve her.
For Visitors
3:30 PMBhanda Dhupa - food is later offered by the inmates to the pilgrims as Mahaprasada.
4:30 PMA light refreshment known as Ballabha Dhupa is offered to the deity
5:00 PMDwipahar Dhupa (mid day meal) is offered.
7:00 PMPalia Badu is placed before the deity . Sandhya arati (waving of lights in the evening) is performed during that time
8:30 p.mAnother light meal called Sahana Dhupa is offered,After the meals, the ceremony of waving light (arati) is performed before the deity
9.30 p.mThe last service of the day, Bada Singara (the great decoration) is performed when the deity is decorated with flowers and ornaments after which a light food offering is made. A wooden palanquin is laid in the room, incense is lighted, drinking water is served and prepared betel is placed. Panchabaktra Mahadeva comes to the palanquin and returns to his own abode after the arati is performed. This is a bronze image of Mahadeva having five faces and Parvati in his lap. Each of these ceremonies is accompanied by ritual observances and recitations of mantras (Sanskrit texts) specified for each occasion
Lingaraj temple Pooja and Mahadeep timings 

Mukteswar Dance Festival 2014

Mukteswar Dance Festival 2014 will be held on 14th January 2014 to 16th January 2014 at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The Mukteswar Dance Festival is organize by Odisha Tourism Development Dorporation(OTDC).

Programme Scheduled
14th January 2014
Shiva Tandav Stotra(Chorus): Utkal University Of Culture, Bhubaneswar
Odissi (Solo) : Aruna Mohanty, Bhubaneswar
Odissi (Duet): Puspa Panda & Lopamudra Jena, Cuttack
Odissi (Group): Nupur, Bhubaneswar

15th January 2014
Shiva Vandana (Shorus): Lakshmikanta Palit
Odissi (Solo): Saswat Joshi, Bhubaneswar
Odissi: Duet:Shalakha Rai & Shobha Bisht, New Delhi
Odissi (Group): Tridhara, Bhubaneswar

16th January 2014
Shiva Vandana (Shorus):Guru Keshaba Chandra Rout
Odissi (Solo): Jhelum Paranjape, Mumbai
Odissi (Duet): Guru Manoranjan Pradhan & Minati Pradhan, Bhubaneswar
Odissi (Group): Srjan, Bhubaneswar

For more details of the Mukteswar Dance Festival 2014 click here.

Odisha Tourism Helpline Tollfree Number for Tourist

Remember to call Odisha Tourism Helpline number given below for Hotel Room Reservation at Govt. Guest houses and other information regarding the sightseeing places. Do insist on to get the complete information on Tour Packages and Tour Guides in Odisha with the Room Confirmation. We hope, that your visit for the state of Odisha get a memorable and enjoyable touch.



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Sundargarh Tourist Places

Sundergarh District is a district in the northwestern part of Odisha state in eastern India. The Sundargarh district has meny Tourist place like Chhatri Hill, Khandadhar Waterfall, Rourkela Steel Plant, Vedavyasa, Religious Centre and more tourist places in Sundergarh District is listed below

01. Chhatri Hill Scenic Spot
02. Darjeeng Scenic Spot
03. Deodaraha Scenic Spot
04. Ghogar Religious Centre
05. Junagarh Fort
06. Khandadhar Waterfall
07. Mandira Scenic Spot
08. Miriglotah Waterfall
09. Rourkela Steel Plant
10. Sundargarh District Headquarters
11. Ushakothi Scenic Spot
12. Vedavyasa Religious Centre

Subarnapur Tourism

Subarnapur District is known for its influentially rich cultural heritage, arts and crafts. For instance, textiles and terracotta of Sonepur, Brass metal works and Philigri crafts of Tarbha and Binka, Stone carving of Ullunda and Paddy crafts of Dunguripali are recognized all over the state and also in country. Subarnapur area is famous for 'Danda-nata', a religious folk tradition generally performed in the month of Chaitra. Historically Sonepur region was known as Paschima Lanka.

01. Binika (Papakshya Ghat) Religious Centre
02. Chandalipat Puja Dunguri Religious Centre
03. Charada Historical Site
04. Khaliapali Mahima Shrine
05. Kotsamlai (Patali Jagannath Pitha) Religious Centre
06. Sonepur Temple Town

Tourist Places in Sambalpur

The town of Sambalpur, lying 321 km from Bhubaneswar, is an ancient center for the diamond trade is famous for its internationally renowned textiles (ikat), rich tribal heritage and fabulous forestlands. Sambalpur is easily accessible by rail and road.

Samaleswari, the presiding deity of this region is enshrined at 'Samlei Gudi' on the bank of Mahanadi River. The other temple of importance is the Budharaja Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and is perched atop the Budharaja hill. These temples are located at a few kilometres' distance from Sambalpur. The Hirakud Dam, the longest dam of the world, is some 15 kilometres from Sambalpur and can be easily visited on a day trip.

01. Chipilima Religious Centre
02. Gudguda Scenic Spot
03. Hirakud Scenic Spot
04. Huma Religious Centre (Leaning Temple)
05. Kendhara Birth Place of Bhimabhoi
06. Sambalpur Sambalpuri Handlooms
07. Ushakothi (Badarama) Wildlife

Rayagada Tourist Places

Rayagada is a mineral-rich district in the southern part of the state of Odisha, in India. The Rayagada district of many charms, is a thrill to the searching eyes. It has the facilities to serve as a base for visiting the nearby place of interest.

01.Bissamkatak Scenic Spot
05. Minajhola Scenic Spot
06. Niyamgiri Hills Scenic Spot
07. Padmapur Religious Centre


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