Subarnapur Tourism

Subarnapur District is known for its influentially rich cultural heritage, arts and crafts. For instance, textiles and terracotta of Sonepur, Brass metal works and Philigri crafts of Tarbha and Binka, Stone carving of Ullunda and Paddy crafts of Dunguripali are recognized all over the state and also in country. Subarnapur area is famous for 'Danda-nata', a religious folk tradition generally performed in the month of Chaitra. Historically Sonepur region was known as Paschima Lanka.

01. Binika (Papakshya Ghat) Religious Centre
02. Chandalipat Puja Dunguri Religious Centre
03. Charada Historical Site
04. Khaliapali Mahima Shrine
05. Kotsamlai (Patali Jagannath Pitha) Religious Centre
06. Sonepur Temple Town

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