Mayurbhanj Tourist Palce

Mayurbhanj has many tourist destinations. The Shimilipal is an internationally renowned tiger and forest reserve. It became source of international attention in 1960s when the then director of the tiger reserve had adopted a tigress known as Khairi. 

01. Bangiriposi Strategic Point
02. Baripada District Headquarters
03. Bhimakunda Scenic Spot
04. Bisoi Strategic Point
05. Deokunda Waterfall
06. Haripur Historical Site
07. Jamsola Welcome point
08. Jashipur Entry Point to Similipal
09. Khiching Religious Centre
10. Kuchai Historical Site
11. Kuliana Historical Site
12. Manatri Religious Centre
13. Rairangpur Strategic Point
15. Samibrukhya Religious Centre/ Scenic Spot
16. Suleipat Dam Sight

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