Tourist Place in Puri

Puri is a land of temples, examples of a religious architechture. It is also a Tourism Place. Puri offers tourists the rare oppurtunity of witnessing the colorful sunrise and sunset on the same beach on its golden sands. Konark Sun Temple at Puri is famous for its Heritage Sites, Puri Sri Jagannath Temple & Sea Beach, Ramachandi Temple, Chilika (Satapada) Lake (Dolphins), Astaranga Sea Beach, Biswanath Hill and more tourist Places in Puri district is listed below

01. Astaranga Sea Beach
02. Balighai Sea Beach
03. Baliharachandi Religious Centre
04. Barala (Balunkeswar Pitha) Religious Centre
05. Biswanath Hill Religious Centre
06. Beleswar Sea Beach
07. Brahmagiri Religious Centre
08. Chaurasi Religious Centre
10. Jahaniapira Religious Centre
11. Kakatpur Religious Centre
13. Kuruma Budhist Shrine
14. Manikapatna Religious Centre
15. Pipili Applique Works
16. Puri Sri Jagannath Temple & Sea Beach
17. Raghurajpur Craft Village
18. Ramachandi Religious Centre
19. Satyabadi (Sakhigopal) Religious Centre
20. Baligaon (Bhakta Dasia Smriti Pitha) Birth Place of Dasia Bauri

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