Chandrabhaga Sea Beach Light House at Konark

One of the Amazing experience to watch the Chandrabhaga beach and the Balukhanda Forest Cover around the Sun Temple Konark is by standing on the Top of the Light House here. To have this experience you have to reach the Light House with in the stipulated  4pm to 5pm every day. This Constrain of Time is kept, due to the availability of the Light House Staff to escort all the Visitors to the Top.  Remember It is a Must see, Must Experience Spot , igf you Visit Konark and Chandrabhaga Beach.

The Ticket Cost Per Person to get an entry to the Light House is Rs 10/- Only. Spend some 20 - 40 Minutes standing on the Top of this Light House and Watch Carefully the Black Pagoda, sprouting out of the Jungles, The Long stretches of Chandrabhaga Beach, The Fishermen Village and the Marine Drive.

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