Konark Chandrabhaga OTDC Wooden Restaurant

The Wooden Restaurant at the Chandrabhaga Beach is best place to enjoy your food while having the cold sea breeze. On the Hot Summer Day We reach Chandrabhaga at 12.15 pm , hungry to have somthing to eat. This was the time When I spotted the Wooden Restaurant just beside the Chandrabhaga beach Bus Stand. We rush to the Wooden Platform and Ranji Ordered two Egg Ommellette with the India Aloo Parathan. The Rates are nominal , even cheap as per the location of the Restaurant


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  1. I have tried most all of the Indian restaurants around the area, but I still keep only coming back to there- their delicious food is always consistently the best, and the service bends over backwards to make your experience truly memorable.. best restaurant in jodhpur



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