The Art and Craft of Orissa Temples

Temples of Orissa(Odisha) are of unque style of Architecture. The Orissa Temple have a pattern consist of the Main Temple (Deula in Oriya language) and in front of it is the Porches (Jagamohana in Oriya) , The Odissi Dance hall (Natya Mandir) and a Hall for the Worshiper to offer i.e the Bhog Mandir 

The Great Lord Jaganath Temple at Puri was built by the King  Chodagangadeva and following this the Black Pagoda , The Sun Temple of Konark was built by Narasimhadeva . All these Temple are constructed with the Similar Architecture Style mentioned above. A noticable thing is that If you see the Sun temple of Konark, its the Porch (the Jagamohana) which is standing tall and the Main Temple of Sun was totally damaged and fall down before 18th century. 

The Natya Mandir is still alive at Konark , which is a Amazing peice of Craftsmanship to witness. The generations to come will hardly believe this feet of architecture marvel, exist in the vicinity of Sea.

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