Bhadrak Tourist Places

Bhadrak is famous for its Kali Puja held at Charampa for seven days. Temple of this goddess, known as Bhadrakali, is located about 10 km from Bhadrak, Lord Akhandalamani is about 40 km away from Bhadrak and Chandabali Entry point to Bhitarakanika is 50 km away from Bhadrak. The Popular and important Tourist Places of Bhadrak District is listed below.

01. Aradi : Religious Centre
02. Aharpada : (Bhadrakali) Religious Centre
03. Bhadrak : District Headquarters
04. Chandabali : Entry point to Bhitarakanika
05. Dhamanagar : Religious Centre
06. Dhamara : Scenic Spot
07. Guamala Nuasasan : Religious Centre
08. Iswarpur (Dappanaikani) : Religious Centre

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