Tourist Place in Bargarh

Bargarh is situated on the bank of River Jeera. The Howrah-Mumbai National Highway No-6 runs through the town. The Bargarh is famous for a 10-day long open-stage drama, Dhanuyatra, based on the life and times of Lord Krishna, culminating in the death of King Kansa. There exists a 13th-century temple at Nrusinghanath on the foot hills of Gandhamardan. Lord Vishnu is worshiped here in a feline form, which is the only instance of its kind in the world.

01. Bargarh : Sambalpuri Handlooms
02. Debrigarh : Wildlife
03. Devdarha : Scenic Spot
04. Gaisima : Religious Centre
05. Ganiapali : Historical Site
06. Nrusimhanath : Religious Centre
07. Papanga : Scenic Spot
08. Barapali : Orissa Handloom
09. Chikhidi : Scenic Spot

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