Tourist Palce in Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal District is an administrative division of Odisha, India. It is bordered by Kendujhar to the north, Jajpur to the east, Cuttack to the south and Anugul to the west. Dhenkanal town, the district headquarters has a cluster of temples, archaeological remains and a medieval fort. The most part of this district is covered with dense forest and a long range of hills, which are home to elephants, tigers and more tourist place is listed below.

01. Bhuban : Religious Centre
02. Brahmapura : Religious Centre
03. Dhenkanal : District Headquarters
04. Joranda : Mahima Shrine
05. Kapilas : Religious Centre
06. Kualo : Cluster of Temples
07. Ladagarh : Religious Centre
08. Ramial : Scenic Spot
09. Saptasajya : Scenic Spot
10. Saranga : Sleeping Vishnu

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